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We offer consulting & education services in technology, marketing, and creative direction/media.

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“The future moves faster. I help you keep up.”
Jared T. Ross

The adoption of new technology doesn't have to be a challenge.

Most people and companies simply aren't good at onboarding people to new technology like the blockchain and AR/VR (for example). At Ross Insights, we put everything in plain-english and provide clear action steps to help you or your company easily adapt to the evolving technology around us.


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The advance of technology continues to accelerate the rate of innovation (thus, "the future moves faster) and Ross Insights is committed to making sure our clients are at the cusp of understanding the blockchain, augmented/virtual reality, the metaverse, and other related tech. Courses & Consultation available.


Sometimes, all you need to get started is a well-structured plan. Ross Insights works with clients to develop a tailored marketing strategy that works to resonate with the attitudes of their target markets & reels them into brand stories.

Creative Direction

With a creative direction background dating back to 2018, Ross Insights is uniquely positioned to lead client's creative endeavors across a wide variety of mediums with efficiency and novelty, while integrating modern technology.

Creative Direction

Creative direction requires strong leadership, discernment, and, of course, taste. We lead with these qualities in mind while emphasizing novelty, shock-value (when appropriate), and integrating modern technology.

Simplify your creative projects with Ross Insights.

The Founder

After retiring from his undergrad studies (dropping out) as one of his University's top students, Jared T. Ross has turned is aptitude for learning and educating into a resource for people and businesses around the world.

While Jared's current focus is on blockchain and "metaverse" related consulting & education, he also has experience experience and success in marketing and creative direction dating back to 2018 when he worked with Hip-Hop artist and Facebook product manager, Kayvon Asemani (Kayvon Music)

You can find him on most social platforms under the username "jaredtross"

May 26, 2022

Cryptocurrency & International Tax Reporting Requirements For American Expats

Donald Powell is a Kentucky asset protection and estate planning attorney who works with wealthy clients, often in the international context. We recently collaborated, and we invited him to write a brief blog post about taxation, cryptocurrency, and reporting requirements for U.S. expats.

May 20, 2022

What Should Happen When the Worst Happens

Successful defenses are comprised of three “walls.” While we don’t use bricks and mortar but the concept is the same. We build the defense first by tearing apart as much of the prosecution case as we can be based on the disclosure that is provided and by the information our client gives us.

May 6, 2022

How Mental Illness and Criminal Culpability Interconnect

When a person commits an offence but cannot understand the difference between right and wrong, then the immoral act is in question. This comes from the mens rea, the mental intent. The law has developed so that people who commit criminal acts in these circumstances .

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